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Application content
We register information about the devices you use to access our Telset Smart TV application. This enables features such as automatic app updates. Among other things, we collect unique identifiers, as well as data such as browser and device type and settings, operating system and application version number. We receive this data when the Telset Smart TV application on your device accesses our servers, for example when installing the application from Google Play or checking for updates. Android devices running Google apps periodically contact Google servers and share information about themselves and their connection with our services. Such data includes, in particular device type, device UUID, cookies, session and account in the application, advertising identifier (Android 13+), crash reports, depending on the settings. We collect information about what actions you perform in the Telset Smart TV application. This allows various useful features to work, such as continuing to watch the video from where you left it. Such information includes:
  • Videos you are watching
  • Views and interactions with content

Access to the content and the server is carried out using the technologies of the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. We do not collect or transmit data over HTTP, only HTTPS is used for this. The application by default accesses our server via the HTTP protocol and the server redirects all requests via HTTPS - permanent 301
We collect information about your location when you use our Telset Smart TV application in order to provide you with such features, video playback, depending on the location of the country or region.We determine your location with a certain degree of accuracy, taking into account the following factors:
  • IP address
The types of location data we collect and how long we store it is independent of your device and account settings. Location data is required to access video streams. We use your location data solely for the correct operation of the Telset Smart TV application.
We do not collect any data for advertising. Our Telset Smart TV application does not use advertising services. Advertising is missing.
Advertising ID

Our app receives an advertising ID solely to disable the error reminder (Android 13)
Removing personal data
You can manage your personal data stored in the cache. You can clear this data by going to Settings -> Applications -> Telset Smart TV -> Clear Cache.
Our servers store the collected data for as long as you use our Telset Smart TV application.
We use various technologies to receive and store data, such as cookies, local storage such as browser online storage or application cache, databases and server logs.
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Technical Support +372 7100 200
the call is not charged and is free
Contact us if you have any questions.